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Master Anglers

Amanda Yates

Amanda Yates grew up in rural Brazos County, Texas before the days of video games and cell phones and started fishing around the age of 5. Her parents taught her to tie a knot, bait her hook and take her own fish off so she would stay occupied while they finished working cattle.

Mike Bennett

My name is Mike Bennett, I’m very excited to work with Fishing’s Future and share some of the great things that the sport of fishing has brought into my life. I grew up in Northern Ohio, and now study Environmental Engineering and Business Administration at the University of Alabama.

Cindymae Rucker

Hello my name is Cindymae Rucker, I was born and raised in Brownsville Texas. Born in 1965 and being middle child of 5 we grew up on (mostly under) the docks of the Shrimp Basin Brownville. I learned to fish the hard but fun way with whatever was lying around or floated up.

Steve Rucker

Hello my name is Steve Rucker, I was born in 1957 in Brownsville and raised in Brownsville, Texas. I have fished the Brownsville area since I was a very young child. I have raised 17 some are stepchildren and they all have respect and knowledge of fishing.

Sara Nelson

I was born and raised in Port Clinton, Ohio. I spent my childhood outdoors hunting and fishing on Lake Erie. I graduated from Tiffin University with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. I have worked part-time as a juvenile probation officer for the past 15 years.

Paul Silva

Paul obtained a B.S. in Marine Biology from Texas A & M in Galveston in 1982 and after short stints with the National Marine Fisheries Service and the National Park Service, Paul began his career with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in 1986.

Joshua Nelson

I was born and raised in Northwest Ohio and grew up hunting and fishing. Upon graduating high school, I enlisted in the Army National Guard and also went to college.

Stacy Holt

Stacy Holt loves fishing and especially helping others learn to fish, so joining Fishing's Future was a perfect match. Stacy has volunteered for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Go Fishing programs and held clinics for Boy Scout troops.


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